How Our Style
Took Shape

Molly Phillips makes the jewelry that she wants to wear. She loves jewelry that is well made, from fine minerals, tastefully flashy, unquestionably unique.


Expression through Fashion

We have needs. We need food, water, shelter, love, and fulfillment. We also need some excitement. Before founding her company, Molly Phillips had a killer life in Dallas: flexing her formidable design skills by flipping houses with her husband and doing what she loved: designing beautiful things. Molly found an interest in interior design as a creative outlet, but it wasn’t the perfect personification of her taste.

Tired with the grind of renovations, Molly flipped her last house, took her profits and artistic integrity, and started Molly Phillips Jewelry.

Inspiration Is All Around Us

Molly’s pieces are derived from the shapes, sounds, and scenery that surrounds her. An appreciation for natural elements and fine art has blended together to give our collection a clean, timeless, and versatile style that can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a low-key movie date.

Our jewelry is hand-assembled in Austin, Texas by our in-house staff of designers. Our team knows what makes great jewelry and they create designs they actually want to wear. Why would we have it any other way?

Start shaping your style.

We like to see animals in cute Insta posts, not in our materials list. Molly Phillips realizes harming animals for fashion is terrible and unethical, and we know how to make beautiful jewelry without harming animals anyway (hair flip).

Beautiful inspirations lead to beautiful creations. Our creations are inspired by an appreciation of the things that matter most in life and the good vibes we want to spread.

Follow your desire.